Here’s a Chrome extension to make Strava more about YOU.

What’s the first thing you do when you’ve just uploaded a ride to Strava? Check out the segment list to see if you got any decent rankings?

Chances are that you’ve done those segments many times, so you hit the “My Results” link to see how you did against your previous efforts. After all, that’s what really matters most, isn’t it? Who really cares if you beat 70% of the other riders up a segment, the greatest sense of achievement always comes from getting a new personal best.

Even this time of year, in winter, it’s more useful to compare your segment times against “My Results”. How are you looking against the same time last year? It’s not all about PB’s, and you can get a pretty good feeling for where you are, relatively.

Chris Lamb is a guy who feels the same way. He likes the “My Results” data so much that he’s written a browser extension for Chrome which displays it by default. You can still access the usual view too, from the usual drop down list.

Download the ZIP, from page linked above, then follow these steps to install the extension.

  • Clone (or otherwise download) the contents of this repository.
  • In Chrome, go to “Tools > Extensions”.
  • Ensure “Developer mode” is ticked.
  • Click “Load unpacked extension” and select the directory you have stored this code.
  • Refresh any page on Strava – the extension will now be active.

Here’s a little video showing the before and after proof that it works!
Plus, just to show you how easy it was to install, I show you this too, in less than a couple of minutes.

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Would this affect your perception of your segment data?
Is it more interesting, or relevant, to compare your ride with your own previous efforts, than against other people? I’d love to hear your views.

Originally spotted here:

Chris has also written another Strava related extension, concerned with switching from metric to imperial units. What a clever chap!

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100 miles
  • lamby

    Glad you find it useful :)

    • Al Thompson

      It’s brilliant Chris, kudos to you ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Paul

    Brilliant idea – only issue is I look at my results once at work in the morning whilst changing (I have my own office with a lockable door – fear not, no dodgy changing practices here!) – but am limited to the horrendous experience that is internet explorer. Don’t suppose anyone fancies doing a similar version for that???

  • Tom

    Just stumbled across this page and it really irritates me that this isn’t an option in Strava, sure you can compare to your friends but this article describes my feelings pretty spot on, so I’m installing this right now :-)