GoPro Timelapse bike ride

Since buying a GoPro camera, I’ve been aware that it can take timelapse shots but so far hadn’t got around to trying it out – until now.

For this film, I set the camera to take a photo every 2 seconds, and the movie shows 25 frames per second. So each second of film represents 50 seconds of real time.
It might be worth setting a faster frequency for a smoother, less frantic result, but I quite like it.

The route I took was as follows:

And here is the movie:

If anyone is interested in knowing how to make a timelapse movie like this, leave a comment and if there’s some interest I’ll make a quick tutorial video.

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100 miles
  • Gareth Jordan

    Very nice idea – Makes the footage more interesting. Thanks for the idea.

    • Alan

      I think it would work well interspersed with ‘normal’ footage too. Ideally it would be great to have several cameras as well, one facing forward, one facing the rear, etc.
      Have fun!

  • Mark

    Interesting. I just bought a Hero4 Silver and want to try doing the same on my bike. What time interval were you using and how long (Time & distance) was your ride? Did you have to change out your battery?



    • Al Thompson

      Hi Mark, I don’t recall the exact interval I used but it probably wasn’t very long. Maybe 3 seconds? The battery was fine. Good luck. If you produce your own, drop the link here so we can take a look.