How to export your ride data from MapMyRide to Strava

MapMyRide block you from exporting your own ride data intact by stripping out the time data!. This makes it useless, should you want to migrate your data somewhere else. Here’s how to export your MapMyRide data properly so that you can import it into other sites like Strava, or RideWithGPS.

Step one

First go to MapMyRide and find the workout that you want to export.
Copy the eight digit workout number, as shown below (..workout/12345678)

Step two

Head over to

Update: As of February 2014, the above site appears to be offline. However, a kind reader suggested in the comments that also does the job. Thanks to Mark Tiffany for the heads up! The fantastic thing about this alternative is that it doesn’t involve Captcha codes – hooray!!

Tip: if you have problems using this convertor, please note that you need to make your MMR rides “public” first.

Paste your workout number into the box, fill in the Captcha, swear at it for being so illegible, try again, laugh in desperation at the absurd cruelty of the whole thing, try again until you eventually succeed, promise yourself that if you ever meet the inventor of Captcha you’ll try to restrain yourself. It’s not worth doing time for.

If you get past the razor wire and shark infested sulphuric acid Captcha, you should see this lovely screen – just hit the blue button to download a TCX file which contains all the data, including the timing data.

Step three

Now you’ve got your TCX file, head on over to your new favourite analysis site and upload the file.

Here’s how to do upload to Strava:
Hit the Upload Activity button in the top right, then choose “Upload files from your Computer”, then “Choose Files”. Navigate to your shiny new TCX and hit ok.

That’s all there is to it.
Happy migrating!

Thanks to @MTB_TrailVideos for tweeting me the link to this tool.

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  • PJT

    is there way to do it the other way around as well, Strava to MMR?


    • Alan

      Yes, you can export your own data from Strava (as a GPX file) from within their site.

  • lewismoon57

    Any way to migrate from MMR wholesale? I’d like to move a year’s worth of data to Garmin Connect.

    • Alan

      I contacted the author suggesting a mass export tool would be useful and he agreed. Not sure of the likely timescale… Life can get in the way sometimes 😉

    • jose

      might be a little geeky but I did it this way.
      open mapmyride in activity feed choose “me” and up comes up most of your workouts scroll down and load more until it shows all. if you are on chrome or firefox browser hit ‘CTRL + SHIFT + i’ up will come the console. in the console you can type this script

      workouts = $(‘a[href^=”/workout/”]’);
      for(var i=2;i<workouts.length;i++){
      var w=workouts[i].href;
      var l=w.length;

      the console will spit out all workout ids and then you can head over MMRConvert to type each workout.
      I wrote another script for that but its more complicated

  • Liv Zaborszky (@liv2day_com)

    Hi! Is it also possible with my created maps in MMR?

  • Andrew F.

    I just looked this article up again because Strava crashed buy my MMR worked, and lo and behold, the tool seems to be working anymore.

    When I went back to the ride I did just today, I noticed a shiny “Export this Route (GPX, KML)” link to the side on the standard map details page.

    • Alan

      If I remember correctly, there always was an export option, but the key annoyance was that the file it gives you will have been stripped of the time data. This means if you had a bunch of old rides in mmr that you wanted to migrate to Strava, you couldn’t.

  • kjfoto

    Is this safe? No malicious code in the new .tcx file?

    • Alan

      Not that I’m aware of. Most people who create malicious code would want to affect as many people as possible. I can’t see them wasting their time with such a niche market. As shocking as it may seem, there do seem to be some kind, genuine people out there who are willing to share their expertise for the good of others. Fancy that.

  • Billy Adam

    Hi. When it says enter 8 digit number, I appear to have 9, and get the message workout doesn’t exist. It does honest.

    • Alan

      All of your rides/workouts? No idea what’s going on there, sorry. I did test it when I wrote the original blog post, and it worked fine at the time…

  • John Marshall

    Thanks! This works perfectly for me. However some of my older rides (from 2010 for example) of mmr no longer have any data associated with them. They come up as “processing this workout for matching courses” then “no splits or graphs are available for this workou” which means I can’t export.

    It’s pretty annoying and just wondering if anyone has a solution or work around?

  • Nils

    Wow, thank you so much for this tip. I had been trying unsuccessfully to combine MMR and Strava forever. And just as i was about to give up, I found your blog. Finally i could merge all old rides on MMR. Thanks a million!!!

  • Steve

    I also have a 9-digit workout code and I made it through to the TCX download, but I get a server runtime error when I click that. I wonder if MMR has blocked this?

    • Steven

      Same here, 9 digit coe. How did you manage to work around this, as it seems you were able to get one step further.

    • Randall

      I tried today, and it appears to be working. My workouts are also 9 digit codes.

  • Llewy

    It tells me my MMR workout does not contain any time series and cannot be exported. It was captured using the blackberry MMR app. Any ideas?

  • Karyn Fein

    I have the same question as John Marshall- is there any way to put a workout into Strava with at least my splits even if I am missing the full play by play time points? The exporter tells me: “Unfortunately your workout does not contain any time series and cannot be exported.”

  • Karyn Fein

    I didn’t click on the “notify me,” so just doing that here. Sorry.

  • Mark Eggan

    Thank you for figuring this out! I can wait to get my data imported. I am getting an error when trying to export data from MMR – I have 9 digit codes as well from MMR. Trying to get them imported into Strava and receive the error that “Workout 223194531 does not seem to exist.”.

  • Mally

    Excellent worked every time thanks, have looked all over for way of doing this thanks

  • Sony K

    Hello and thank you Alan.

    I tried your script to bring data from MapMyRide to Strava. It was simple and worked very well. Many thanks for sharing that script with so many of us.

    BTW, quick a question and a minor issue. When I brought data from Strava, the workout info does not show up ? Is it because MapMyRide does not read tcx file and only GPS info ?


    • Alan

      Hi, I did not create the tool, I simply blogged about it when I found it, thinking that others would also be looking for it.
      I’m guessing that the tool was written to retrieve the time data, but not the cadence / heart rate etc. It’s been a while since I used it.. (no need for it once you’ve got your data from mmr)

  • Brian

    Thanks for sharing and glad to see this is working for most people. I unfortunately am not having any success. most routes say: “Workout does not seem to exist.”

    or even: “An error occured trying to export the MapMyRide data. Please contact us for assistance.”

    Bummer, glad to see it worked for others. Bottom line, MMR was a waste of time and glad i stopped using it when i did.

    will update if I get anywhere with this. thanks for sharing

  • mike

    Great – why MMR tries to hide stuff I’ve no idea: as a result of being pissed with them about this clumsy attempt, I’ve migrated permanently to Strava.

    • Alan

      It’s an attempt to lock people in to their product, surely. Strava do it by being awesome, so people choose to stay. I must say, I prefer Strava’s approach!

  • Nick C

    This doesn’t seem to be working today; used it about a month back for a few files and seemd to work great – anyone aware of any changed MMR may have made. Tried several files all apparently don’t exist, but clearly do….

    I like MMR generally, but not as well used as Strava, so migrating.

  • Mike G

    Same issue for me. Getting message:

    An error occured trying to export the MapMyRide data. Please contact us for assistance.” on all tries. Using a 9-digit workout code.

    Does it work for anyone else?

  • Matt

    For those trying to export and failing, make sure that your privacy settings are correct – you must make your workouts public whilst you download the data. If the workloads are set as private then you can’t download anything.

    • Blaze

      Thanks, that was a duh moment. Changed it to public and presto!

      Also, thanks Alan for posting this little gem!

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  • rangerskye

    Hi, this worked great a couple weeks ago, but the website seems to be down today. :(

    • Al Thompson

      Thanks rangerskye. Yes, it’s been down for about 4 or 5 days now. I hope it comes back!

  • Dai Noble

    It seems to be down permanently, have I missed the window of opportunity on this, has it moved is there another? As you said before Strava is just so much more awesome but I would like to migrate nearly a yearsworth of MMR data, any suggestions?

    • Al Thompson

      It’s the only place I’ve ever come across that can export from MMR. A sad loss if it’s gone altogether…
      Would anyone pay to use a tool that did the same thing? I might think about funding a developer to build a new one, if I thought I’d get the money back…

    • Mark Tiffany

      Although the original site linked in the article does appear to be down right now, the site below seems to do just as good a job, and without the Captcha malarkey!

    • Al Thompson

      Awesome, well spotted, and thank you so much for letting us know. It seems there are a LOT of people wanting to migrate from MMR to Strava.

    • Dai Noble

      Thanks guys, how do you find these things? I’m off to try it right away…

    • Al Thompson

      More great news. I emailed the author, Mike, and suggested that a batch export facility would be totally awesome. He’s going to see if it’s possible, so naturally I’ll let you all know if anything happens there…

    • Dai Noble

      Wow that would be great, it works like a dream though, it’s just such a hassle finding the ID’s in MMR as it keeps jumping back to Feb 2014, used to love it but now I’m strava all the way :)

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  • Timothy Takemoto

    I am not seeing an upload to Strava on my Android tablet.

  • Beth

    I am a little late to the “moving my rides to Strava” party… I have been using Strava for 2 years and love it. I have been trying with mush success to move my 2012 MMR files over to my Strava account. I have made the ride public, and used both converter sites listed above with no success. As with many others in this thread I have 9 numbers associated with my rides, and receive the error message of “Unfortunately your workout does not contain any time series and cannot be exported.” when I i use the TCX exporter.

    I had a hard time locating your response to the other comments in regards to these issues. Am I unable to move my rides? Are they doomed to live in MMR forever, or is there a way to get them to come stay in happy Strava land with the rest of my rides? Please help point me in the right direction if you can!

    • Al Thompson

      Hi Beth, I’ve contacted Mike, the author of the conversion tool. He says that 9 digit workouts do convert ok, and that previous bugs with these have been fixed. Do you have an example of one which fails to convert properly? (Mike says he’d have a look)

    • Beth

      124664139 this is the number code for one of my rides. I made all of the rides public, and tried on both of the sites listed here. However, none of my rides will convert.

      Here is the link to the actual ride if he needs to see the bulk of it.

      Thanks for helping!

    • Al Thompson

      I asked Mike and he was super helpful. Here’s what he had to say. “So, the issue with this ride is MMR ride corruption. If you go to [your MMR ride and] look REALLY carefully before the Map comes up, it actually says: “Could not load workout timeseries data”. It only flashes it for a second, then it’s gone, and then it gives you the “want to see Splits & Graphs? Download the app” message on the right side.
      It has the summarized speed data, which it stores separately as individual datapoints with the workout, but it lost the time data.
      Looking over the network calls, the migration call comes back with status: NO_TIME_SERIES as opposed to SUCCESS also.
      My app will better handle this type of issue going forward, but unfortunately if the data isn’t in MMR, there’s nothing I can do. I’m sure she rode it properly and used the app properly, but their stuff is buggy. :(”

      I hope that helps explain why SOME rides just won’t convert. Thanks to Mike for his detailed response.

  • Erica


    My strava app keeps crashing when I open over the last couple of days, so I had to use MapMyRide instead this morning (as I am addicted to seeing how far I’ve managed to go, clearly!) I haven’t used it before, and have come a-cropper with these issues when trying to convert it over to Strava. Unfortunately like Beth my rides will never go across due to missing time info apparently. Would just like to say thanks for having this info here. Safe to say I won’t be using MapMyRide again..! Wish I knew how to fix my Strava app now haha.



    • Al Thompson

      Hi Erica, I’d be tempted to try uninstalling the app, then reinstalling it. Good luck getting it going again! Alan

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  • Jamie

    Thank you so very much for this!! My Cat Eye didn’t save an epic ride and I really wanted it for a Strava challenge. it worked … perfectly!

    • Al Thompson

      Great to hear, Jamie! Thanks for commenting :-)

  • audrey

    This site works for mapmyrun and mapmyride, and NO CAPTCHA!

  • Andrea F

    Hi! I’m trying to convert a run to import in Strava. I’ve got his message: Bad Workout Id specified or other unknown error occurred. Please try again.
    someone can help me?

  • Andrea F
  • YLW

    Thanks for the mikepalumbo link. It still works today. Awesome.

  • Jeremy


    I am not able to get any of my previous workouts to load. The last one I tried (757382107) says “Bad Workout Id specified or other unknown error occurred. Please try again.” This is the same error I receive for all of them. Any ideers? Thank you!

  • CVHS Alumni

    Dang – link seems to not work. I am getting the same error as Jeremy.

  • CVHSAlumni

    Figured out the reason it wasn’t working was because my rides were private. I made them public and the conversion process worked.