Strava: Will you record faster segment times with the Android app?


Once again I've been reading about the inconsistencies of Strava data - this time from an article claiming that users of the Android app were more likely to record faster times. This was based on the writer's observation that many of the KOM's on his local segments were recorded using the Strava android app, and some experimental data that he collected. One of the segments gave … [Read more...]

5 reasons why MapMyRide sucks


If you're new to the world of fitness apps, you may well come across MapMyRun or MapMyRide as one of the most popular apps around. Don't be fooled into thinking that just because more people have downloaded it, it must be better than the alternatives. As someone who has used this service, the following summarises my reasons for moving away from it, apart from the obvious - … [Read more...]

What is twitter saying about #strava?


I've become quite interested in the Strava debate since learning about recent events in San Francisco. Are people really so influenced by apps, to the point where they'll engage in risky behaviour? The latest tweets using the #strava hashtag might offer some insight into how people are engaging with Strava. What do YOU think? Is Strava to blame, or are some people … [Read more...]

Strava… the gamification of cycling.


If I asked you to think of the connection between gaming and keeping in shape, you'd probably mention various fitness and dance games on xbox, playstation and wii. The popularity of these games has made exercising accessible to many who perhaps wouldn't engage with more traditional forms. Aspects of gaming culture are being incorporated into more conventional activities like … [Read more...]

10 reasons to ditch phone apps and get a proper GPS for your bike.

iphone cracked

These days your first experience of using any sort of cycling computer, particularly with a navigation or mapping aspect, is likely to be a smartphone app. There are loads of iPhone and Android apps aimed at cyclists, runners and walkers. Some of them are much better than others, but in terms of their suitability for the task, they all have one fundamental flaw - the … [Read more...]