OS Explorer and Landranger UK maps – summer sale.

UK maps

Now, I love digital mapping, but there's something irreplaceable about a good old fashioned map that unfolds into a massive sheet of printed paper. The detail, the scale, the touch, the feel, the smell. Ok, stop there. Ordnance Survey have got a sale on OS Explorer and Landranger UK Maps, before they put prices up in July. … [Read more...]

OS Discoverer maps: screenshot zoom levels (Garmin edge 800)


In an earlier post comparing OS Discoverer maps to open source OSM maps, I highlighted a crucial factor which may influence the decision to adopt one or other - the usefulness of various zoom levels, particularly noting the detrimental effect of zooming in too much, beyond a particular point. To show this in greater detail than my previous post, here are some screenshots, taken … [Read more...]