Maps comparison – free OSM and OS Discoverer.


After installing the TalkyToaster OpenStreetmap onto my Garmin Edge 800 (see tutorial here) I think it will come in quite useful after all. I do prefer the look of the classic OS discoverer map when in the middle zoom levels, but I think the OSM map will excel in the fine details of the close up. The screenshots below attempt to show this, with the Velomap thrown in for … [Read more...]

Garmin Edge 800: why you shouldn’t bother with custom OSM maps.

Following a course on the Garmin Edge 800

So you're thinking of getting a Garmin Edge 800, probably the best bike computer on the market in 2011/12? There are many different bundles to choose from, and when I was deciding which to go for, I knew I wanted the performance monitoring kit, with the heart rate and cadence sensors. Since I'd read that it was possible to load custom open source maps to the unit anyway, it … [Read more...]