The K-edge “out front” bar mount for Garmin Edge units.

A new K-edge mount for your Garmin GPS to place it out in front of your bar.

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I must admit, as soon as I saw an ad for this product, I knew where it was coming from.

When you’re speeding downhill, hunched down low in an aerodynamic position, it’s impossible to see a Garmin mounted to the stem. At least not without lifting your head up and looking down, taking your eyes off the road. A dangerous thing to be doing downhill at 60kph+!

This mount places the device out in front of the stem so that it’s in your natural line of sight, allowing you to maintain your concentration where it should be – on the road – but still be able to safely glance at your chosen metrics.

K-edge and Garmin both produce a mount which does the same thing.
The K-Edge Garmin Mount is slightly more expensive than the Garmin Out-front Mount but looks more robust, and is more adjustable.
I’ve got the K-Edge GoPro Mount , and it’s rock solid.

Coincidentally, I’d been preparing this post and one of the guys in my club turned up on the Sunday ride with his new K-edge mount for his Garmin 500.

After stopping for a coffee and a bacon butty, we filmed this little clip so you can see what it’s all about.

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  1. says

    Thanks for the review Alan, I had been eyeing this piece of kit up for a while too. I have to agree with your concerns, the extra few degrees that you take to look down at your stem put your front wheel right outside of your peripheral vision – dangerous ground. I have just ordered mine on Wiggle, look forward to receiving them.

    • Alan says

      I hear that this item has been incredibly popular and most places have been waiting to be re-stocked. Hope you get yours soon. Thanks for commenting, glad you liked the video :-)

  2. says

    Just got mine in the mail from Wiggle and installed straight away. I was surprised at how huge a difference it made in the viewing position. Thanks again for the review – tight chains.

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