How to backup and transfer your Garmin edge 800 settings

It can take a while to personalise your Garmin exactly the way you want it. Here’s the easy way to back up and restore all those settings.

For the sake of this article, let’s assume you want to copy the settings from an old model to a new unit.

You might be replacing an old one, or just changing the battery or something like that. It would be a pain to have to reconfigure everything all over again, right? Here’s how you can transfer the settings over.

#Get the data off the old unit

  1. Connect the old unit via USB.
  2. Open the Garmin folder, and copy the files from the Settings and Sports folders to your computer.
  3. Copy the file from the \Garmin folder to the same place.
  4. Disconnect the old unit.

#Transfer data to new unit

  1. Connect the new GPS unit and copy the backup files into the same folders on it.
  2. Put into \Garmin, into the Settings folder, and into the Sports folder.

All your bike settings and menu configurations will now be available in the new unit, saving you lots of time recreating them from scratch.

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  • Michael

    can you move garmin 500 files to garmin 800 in this way?

  • Sue Riley

    Prior to getting my own Garmin 800 I saved my routes on my husbands Garmin Connect (he has an 810). How can I transfer my data to my own Garmin Connect?

    Best regards

    Sue Riley