Been looking for a MapMyRide export tool that works? Try this.

One of the most popular posts here on ScarletFire shows you how to export your ride data from MapMyRide. But just recently, that tool went offline. Here’s another, and it’s even better!

MMR export tool

I’m so grateful to one of my readers, Mark Tiffany, for letting me know about this site. Mark was kind enough to post in the comments, after many people noticed that the old tool had disappeared.

The new tool can be found at:

Map my ride GPS export tool

Mike Palumbo’s MapMyRide Export tool

It does the job perfectly well, and all without Captcha codes. Yippee!

Even better news

I contacted Mike, the author of the tool, to suggest something that I know a lot of people have commented on – the need for a batch export option. If you had lots of rides to export, it could take quite a while to process them one by one.

The great news is that Mike was up for the challenge and said he’d start to work on it this weekend. How awesome is that?

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100 miles
  • rob

    ive tried the convertor and upload process but still get “Time information is missing from file. More Information.”

    • Al Thompson

      Hi Rob, it sounds like you might be trying to convert a route that you created using the route planner, as opposed to a recording of an actual ride. The first one would contain no time data. Could that be the reason?

  • K

    Just tried this today, but my workout could not be found :(

    • Al Thompson

      K, was the original ride marked as private?

  • Jim E

    Thanks so much. Worked great. Those stupid Captcha codes were driving me nuts!

    • Al Thompson

      Grr, don’t get me started on Captcha codes…. Glad it worked out for you :-)

  • DizArch

    Awesome, saved me some precious miles:-)

  • Antonio L

    Unable to download, keep receiving the following message “Bad Workout Id specified or other unknown error occurred. Please try again.”
    I already check and my workout is public
    Could you help me?
    Thanks in advance

  • Guy

    I’m getting the Bad Workout ID also… they must have figured out what was going on and blocked it.

    • Guy

      Ok, I waited like an hour, went back onto MMR, and it had a different number for the workout. THAT number worked.